We discuss how to move forward from our experiences  with Covid-19 and address our grief.  All of us at some point need to ask ourselves to let go and grieve what we lost as a result of our experiences during this time. Let’s work towards  moving  forward mentally and emotionally.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Based on your experience, what do you need to face for yourself and accept that in order to move forward you need to grieve that moment or occasion in your life that is lost forever. We will explore some of those occasions.
  • Grief doesn’t fit in a box. Some forms of grief take year to work through while other types take a few months or a single moment of deep acknowledgement
  • The path towards addressing your grief:
    • Understand
    • Recognize
    • Touch
    • Move
  • Take a moment to sit and acknowledge and move thru the exercise provided in this podcast episode


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