Nicole Christina is the host of Zestful Aging Podcast, an interview show heard in 92 countries. She’s also a psychotherapist of 30 years, specializing in eating disorders.

Nicole’s guests are change makers from a variety of disciplines; filmmakers, writers, advocates, poets, musicians, Arctic researchers, athletes and entrepreneurs, many of whom are experts in their fields. The Show has a humanitarian focus, and looks at the importance of leaving your own legacy. Leaving a legacy is a way of contributing to the common good, which has shown to have a significant impact on aging well.

Zestful Aging is a media partner with the International Federation of Ageing, based in Toronto. Nicole is working on her first book: “Not Just Chatting; How to Become a Great Podcast Interviewer”.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Zestful aging?
  • Why are we here? What’s the point and What legacy am I going to leave behind?
  • Nicole’s journey to podcasting in midlife! 
  • Nicole shares stories of  past clients who found their passion and purpose which then became their legacy!
  • Why is it important to find your tribe?
  • Tips on connecting with people in midlife
  • Is there more for you out there in the world? Where are you curious?
  • Nicole’s challenge for the listener!


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