Nicolette believes that everyone deserves  a great life,  profound love, a meaningful career, freedom to play, travel and share abundance.   Nicolette consults  both on-site and on-Skype with National and International Feng Shui clients all over the world, working with clients with various lifestyles and equally diverse interests. She is  continuously inspired by her experiences with her clients and awed by how a tiny shift in our environment (and a huge shift in our thinking) can open up a whole new life.

Nicolette’s mission is to help you create your most magical life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Nicolette’s journey to Feng Shui
  • How your environment affects our nervous system
  • Sharing on how she has seen work for others in their environment
  • The front door is the mouth of Chi, new energy passing thru
  • Does your home energize or deplete you?
  • How Nicolette calms the chaos in her own life


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Career Change
Resume Audit

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