It’s time to get Curious! Who I Met Today!

Pam Lamp


For more than four years, Pam Lamp has explored one new thing every single day!  On her website, Who I met today, she writes about these discoveries and the wonderful people she’s met along the way.  Pam loves a good book, the beach, and is an animal person.  Pam lives in Nashville with her husband.  

Pam shares that her journey began back when her kids were grown and she and her husband moved from Houston, Texas after twenty years to Nashville.   This happened in her late fifties and she found the move a difficult adjustment.   It was one morning where she thought that she would get up every morning and do one new thing every single day!  She hoped that by doing this that she would meet new people and create a sense of community.  At the time, she didn’t know where this would take her but she thought that she needed to get out there and get involved!  For Pam, a new job was not in the cards as she wanted to be available to her elderly parents and her kids were in different cities so she wanted flexibility in her life!  

She started by reading local magazines and Googling different things to do and she created her list!  The items to do each day didn’t have to be big events!  Some days she would go take a walk in the park or check out a bookstore.  What Pam found is that it gave her something to talk about at the dinner table with her husband and her world expanded!  

One day, Pam’s husband asked, “if you could do anything, what would you want to do?” Pam replied that she wanted to meet people and write up their stories!  He then said, “why don’t you do it?”  So in 2017, she started her website and began telling her story!  For Pam, this has been the biggest gift of her life.  

Pam shares how she didn’t have a plan and was scared to death!  She shares about her first interview where she faced her fear and not only had a great conversation but had the time of her life!  She shares how she tackled those limiting beliefs that can come up for us when we are trying something new.  For Pam, she focused on taking that next step.  She has also developed a “thicker skin” for putting herself out there to ask for interviews but she still gets a bit fearful but the more interviews she completes she is getting more comfortable and confident!  

How does Pam decide who she interviews? It’s all about being curious!  If she is curious about a topic or someone then that’s the direction she heads and Pam shares a couple of examples in our interview.  She does focus on positive stories as she feels there is enough negativity in the world.  Pam also shares some of her stories on her blog and people she has on her list to ask in the future! 

Pam has created a series called the Orchid Series which are articles about women who are over 75 years young!  The common thread that Pam has found in writing their stories is that finding your purpose is so important and keeping engaged with something as you get older is key. 

She also shares what is was like at the beginning of her journey when she created her website and was vulnerable in the process of sharing her writing and stories.   For a lot of women, they have a book of stories to share and this can be a hurdle that needs to be overcome by looking at the mindset, and Pam shares what worked for her.  She also shares overcoming the technical hurdle in creating a website.  

Pam shares what she has learned about herself through her journey, “ You need to make yourself happy. You can’t rely on other people to make you happy.” She is also less anxious having a passion and something she can not wait to get up and do in the morning.  Pam finds that if she focuses on doing the next right thing then you don’t have to worry so much about the outcome and the “what if’s”.  


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