Episode 37: Pattie Hanmer, Artist, Coach and Teacher of "The Artist's Way"


Pattie Hanmer was born in England and lived there until her mid 20’s. Her appetite for adventure, new experiences and hunger for spiritual growth took her to Australia and New Zealand until 2000 when she set sail again and came to the PNW.  Pattie spent many years studying healing practices, personal development, she holds certifications in hypnotherapy, reiki, life coaching, feng shui and has studied with some of the best-known teachers worldwide, such as Dr Jean Houston, Denise Linn, Joe Dispenza, and many others. She has participated in many creative arts, painting, encaustic, mosaic, writing, and interior design. Her world is varied, colorful and her passion includes cooking, creating sacred space and coaching others to find joy in the arts. She is a teacher of the Artist Way and has taught classes for over 5 years. She has created a magical space for participants to be immersed in the studying the artist way, her home, garden and studio is an inspiring, healing, tranquil retreat sanctuary.

Each class follows the Artist Way and Pattie infuses her wealth of creative processes, coaches’ individuals to explore their own hidden muse, and provides a safe fun environment to learn, grow and share so as to deepen each person’s experience. 

Her intention is to be a change agent through inspiration by living in beauty.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Pattie’s journey to the Pacific Northwest and what drew her to Vashon Island
  • What made Pattie choose The Artist’s Way to teach and coach to her students
  • What type of art classes does she incorporate into her teaching
  • Pattie shares stories about some of her past students and how they have grown thru her coaching
  • What are Pattie’s plans for the oasis moving into the new year


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