Episode 28: Patty Gale, Fearless Girl Financial


Patty Gale is a former Securities Trader who became a Financial Therapist to help women rediscover midlife and their money.

She founded Fear.less Girl Financial to bring together financial and personal self-care to create clarity, simplicity and direction, even if you don’t like budgets, spreadsheets or math. As she says, “Finally, a feminine approach to personal finance.”

Patty is the soothing voice of reason when it comes to finances with a mission to reach 1 million women.

She believes money stories are not taboo and is passionate about removing the stigma. She also knows what it feels like to be confused about who to trust for unbiased guidance, which is why she does not sell insurance or investments.

Patty is an active member of the Financial Therapy Association, the Females & Finance Community and has been a featured guest on various midlife podcasts.

Says Patty, “Every midlife woman deserves to live the life and security she craves.”

Visit www.FearlessGirlFinancial.com to request her free MidLife Money Guide for Women. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Patty’s journey for securities trader to Fearless Girl Financial
  • What is a mid life review? 
  • 2008 recession and COVID-19 financial and health crisis
  • Women clients in a financial industry. What are their needs? 
  • Where did we come up with retirement?  Is that even realistic these days?
  • Patty’s Plan 
  • Creating a Desired Lifestyle 
  • The Financial Plan
  • What are the tools in your box and how can Patty help you fill in the GAP
  • The importance of estate planning!
  • Patty’s morning routine
  • The emotions in finances
  • Taking back ownership of your finances! 


Patty’s website  here

Connect with Deborah for coaching here

Take the mid life Quiz here

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