Episode 58: Paula Staffeldt, Spiritual Training and Development


Paula is a former organizational development practitioner, with over 20 years experience in corporate training, leadership development, and coaching. She earned a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology with a cognate in Theology from the University of Denver. Paula’s expertise includes Reality-Based Leadership, Crucial Conversations, and Contemplative Leadership.

As a board-certified coach, an ordained ministerial counselor, and a certified Focusing guide, Paula brings a wealth of expertise and understanding to her work.


In her study of transpersonal and nondual psychology, Paula discovered how the practice of Focusing freed her of being identified with the ego, allowing her to live more consistently from a state characterized by wisdom and grace. This is why Paula shares this practice with others, so that they may also experience a transformed way of being

What You’ll Learn:

  • How Covid came along and changed Paula’s plan
  • Paula focuses on spiritual training and development for leader and people who are spiritual seekers who are looking to dissolve their ego and live from a higher level of consciousness 
  • How Focusing works, an example and what to expect
  • Examples of how focusing has helped people
  • What Paula has learned about herself through her journey
  • How can you connect with Paula
  • How does Paula calm the chaos
  • Paula’s challenge for the listeners


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