Episode 54: Podcast One Year Birthday! Lessons Learned And Coaching Client Interview


Deborah Voll is a certified professional life coach for women in midlife who are seeking their  life purpose and passion! From her own experience, Deborah believes that once women calm the chaos in their lives, they’ll have more time and energy to focus on what really matters! As the creator and producer of her own Calm the Chaos weekly podcast, she discusses a variety of exciting life-changing topics with experts who share tips for living a life of happiness and passion. Through her eight-week one-on-one coaching program, Deborah safely creates a space for women to come alive with the clarity of how to achieve the meaningful moments they want for their best years ahead. She feels just as fulfilled as her clients do when they crush their goals with the help of her results-oriented workbook “Find Your Purpose and Passion.” Deborah loves living in Redmond, Washington, where she raised her two adult children and found her own midlife purpose when she certified as a professional life coach, proving it’s never too late to find your new passion in life! Read more about Deborah at www.deborahvoll.com where you can sign up for her weekly newsletter and take a free quiz to discover how ready you are to start your next chapter!

What You’ll Learn:

  • Sharing the one year anniversary of the show!  How Deborah met the challenge of learning podcasting, getting out of her comfort zone and being open to whatever happened on the journey! 
  • How far podcasting has come in one year for the podcast community. Currently in 2021 there are 1,750,000 shows in the universe!  Wow!
  • Why Deborah created the show and the lessons she learned about herself
  • Deborah shares an interview with a former coaching client. How life coaching helped her find her next chapter and what is was like to coach with Deborah
  • What is your desire? Write down that one desire! How will you feel when you’ve accomplished your goal?  What emotion are you feeling? When you can associate an emotion with that desire you are beginning your journey!  


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