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The Calm the Chaos Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring guests who help to inspire and motivate women in midlife towards their goals and dreams! They share their messages and provide the listener with resources and content to take that next step. 

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It was a total pleasure to speak with Deborah. She’s a wonderful and well-informed interviewer who drew out the ideas from my book through her insightful questions that would most help women in mid-life. The resulting interview was informative and fun.


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing  Sonya Sophia who is a revolutionary leader in the field of Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Sonya shares how to bring peace and joy into her life with EFT TAPPING.  She started down the journey of self-exploration to find a modality to help stop the “crazy in my head” Past traumas and being a new mom motivated her to find a solution so her child could have a different experience than her growing up. 


Each discovery brought her closer and gave her more consciousness and tools.  Even then she felt overwhelmed and withdrawn. Sonya was looking for a spiritual practice that would take a couple of hours a day. She wanted a modality where once the area is “cleaned” it’s “cleaned”.   


During her journey, her friend noticed how Sonya was beginning to be more withdrawn and came over to share an EFT Tapping session.  At the end of the session, she was laughing and smiling. After four more sessions, Sonya felt that she had healed her PTSD from her dating experience and her brain was functioning better.  


Sonya feels that her life is divided. Before EFT and after! For her, it was like opening a screen door.  She could see out the door but once she opened the screen door everything was bright and clear. After that, she never looked back!


Sonya then embarked on a path of learning everything she could about EFT Tapping through reading, forums, and classes.  She was able to contribute to the field as the practice was gaining momentum and people were learning more about the benefits of the practice through sharing and testimonials.   


We discuss that there is no right or wrong way to tap! The body is very flexible and forgiving.  There are reset buttons all over us and there is one command that clears:  self-acceptance and self-love.  What we are doing is accessing the reset buttons and lovingly talking to ourselves while acknowledging and accepting what’s not working.  


Even though EFT is non-denominational it feels like a spiritual practice because what you’re doing is pulling love into your body and bringing it to where there’s fear and self-loathing and pain.  That’s what corrects what’s been going on in our mind because the cells have stored that memory.  It’s not just stored in your brain but all over your body.


Sonya shares how this practice helps people who have experienced PTSD, and sexual abuse survivors and has recently been approved by the Veterans Administration in the last few years. 


There are ten key points to tap on your body and Sonya shares why those points are key and how they are “circuit breakers”  for that channel of an electrical impulse that runs through the body.  Sonya shares in the interview a great analogy for us to understand these points and their function.  


We share how to incorporate EFT tapping into your routine and how this practice is so portable you can do it from anywhere!  


Sonya also shares how her tapping circle which is available on her website is helping people and how everyone coming together to work on their individual needs is helping her community. Sonya refers to each session as emotional hygiene which makes perfect sense and her goal is the healing of humanity.  


She shares that her life is her art project ….  And she wants everyone to remember and embrace that thought.  


Sonya walks us through a tapping session and you’ll be able to see for yourself just how different you feel about your circumstance before and after the session. She is also making the tapping circle free for one month to all of the Calm the Chaos listeners!  www.worldtappingcircle.com/freemonth  


Sonya has just launched her podcast  There’s a tap for that.  Link here 


As a busy woman in midlife, I can see how incorporating tapping daily can help your overall emotional health.  Why not try to incorporate tapping into one of your morning or afternoon routines and see for yourself?  For myself, I am going to start working on doing some daily tapping after my journaling.  It will be fun to see how I begin to clean up the circuits in my body!   I would encourage you to share with the community if you found this episode helpful by leaving a review for the show!  



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I recently had the opportunity to interview my former client Andrea for the podcast! What fun to be able to have Andrea share her journey of finding a new career with the listeners.  In our conversation, Andrea shares where she was at the beginning of her journey in finding a new career and where she is at today!  

Andrea is a Pacific Northwest resident and mom of a nine-year-old girl who is a very important part of her life!  Any type of career change had her daughter first and foremost in her thoughts.  She shares that it had been a struggle for her to figure out a good career fit for herself in the past because she didn’t take the time to listen to herself.  She spent too much time listening to a lot of the other outside noise and other people’s advice. Sound familiar? Even though she had a lot of different ideas on a career she didn’t trust herself.  

Our conversation continues as  Andrea shares a bit about how she was managing her job and why it was important now to move forward and prioritize a career change.  We discuss what mattered most to her in this decision and why she felt that life coaching was a good fit for her on this journey.  For Andrea working with a coach was a step forward in her future!  

Andrea felt that us working together was a good fit and that in our exploratory call we discussed a plan that resonated with her and she could see herself accomplishing her goal.  Andrea picked the 1:1  Eight Week Coaching Package and at first felt that perhaps that would not be enough time to get her desired results.  But she soon acknowledged that the sessions were “super focused”.  Andrea says that “you just have to take a step in the right direction” and that’s what she did through her journey. Having someone there each week to hold her accountable was helpful as well as having a safe place to share with no judgments made the process easier.  

Throughout the discussion, Andrea shares what the process looked like in finding her new dream career which would leave her feeling confident and fulfilled.  Not only did she have our weekly 1:1 session but she also had weekly worksheet homework and describes that process and how it helped her along the way.  Andrea shares that the Priorities and Time Tracker worksheet were very enlightening and helped her to be more proactive with her goals and blocking time for those priorities was a key to success.  

Andrea did land her dream career before the end of the eight-week session and feels wonderful that she is doing something fulfilling and helping people which was a big priority. She is also showing her daughter along the way that anything is possible.   She shares that if you are on the fence about coaching think of it as an investment in yourself.  “Why shouldn’t you invest in yourself if you are not sure what to do?”   “  You just gotta decide that you’re important and that you are worth it”.  

Lastly Andrea shares “You’re worthy of having your dreams and having the blessings and beautiful things that you are desiring”.  

I want to thank Andrea for being courageous to come on the podcast to share her story!  It takes a lot to get out of your comfort zone to do a podcast.  I’m sure you are inspiring women in midlife with your journey!  Are you ready to start your next chapter? Let’s connect for your free exploratory call.  What are you waiting for?  




This week’s podcast guest is Ada Calhoun, author of the NY Times Best Seller Why We Can’t Sleep, Women’s New Midlife Crisis. This book dives into how Gen X  women were raised to “have it all”  and “do it all”  and how that’s led to its own set of problems down the road as we’ve gotten older.   

Even though Ada identifies the Gen X  community in  this book,  it is geared toward women in middle age who are going through a lot and recognize  that we all hit a period of time when we are trying to do too much as a generation of women and we feel overwhelmed 

For Ada this season happened a couple of years ago during a summer season. Ada had some work issues, credit card debt, career concerns, and children going into different seasons at the time and it felt that everything was piling up. For evenings she would stare up at the ceiling until four in the morning thinking “where did I go wrong?” and “why is this so hard”?

It was right at this time that Oprah.com asked her to write an article about this generation of women which was not only liberating for Ada but became this book! While writing the book, she realized she was not crazy and there are a lot of women going through a very difficult time as well.  

In the book, Ada looks at all the reasons why the title is true. Women have anxiety about their careers, company loyalty, benefits, and staying relevant. In another chapter, the conversation is around divorce and how 40% of women have divorced parents which may come with emotional baggage. The topic surrounding money is shared and how the cost of living is so much higher now and the wages are just not keeping up accordingly. 

Many Gen X  women were told that they could do anything so then they began to think that they should do it all and do it perfectly.  This led to a lot of perfectionism and a sense of failure if they didn’t excel at one thing or everything! This has led to a lot of shame and anxiety which is shared throughout the stories.  

Women share how they need to look at all these things they have to accomplish and feel that they are doing it alone.  Most women have felt that they were left to fend for themselves.   This leads to not only a lot of anxiety but loneliness.  

One of the chapters written that resonated with Ada is the perimenopause chapter.  Women discussing the feelings that would come on suddenly. Sometimes sadness or anger would just surface at unexpected times.  Ada shares how she became angry because, in all the years of going to the doctor and reading women’s magazines, no one had ever said the word “perimenopause”.  And that’s why this chapter is lengthy as she talked to a lot of doctors and wanted to give women the information and the knowledge to know that there is something you can do about it!  

The feedback that Ada has gotten from readers about the book is that they feel seen as they had been feeling invisible. And that hearing from the other women made them feel less alone. 

To Calm the Chaos Ada loves to go on walks, cook, hang out with her kids, and gets a lot of enjoyment listening to Agatha Christie Audiobooks!  Ada also gives a piece of advice to Gen X women:  Be honest about what you are dealing with and with other people.  



I recently had the opportunity to coordinate a call with Kaley Chu in Australia to discuss her journey in getting out of her comfort zone, writing her book 100 lunches, and launching her website for others to connect for lunch! 

 Kaley is an author, speaker, people connector, and Business Development Manager at Equi Wealth.  In 2018  Kaley turned lunch into a life-changing experience. Not just one lunch, but 100 of them with total strangers over a year.  After publishing a book based on her learnings, Kaley now shares her journey and the lessons distilled with the rest of the world. 

We begin our conversation with Kaley stating how her lack of confidence and shyness in a business meeting pushed her into her first lunch with a total stranger and how this first meeting went! It got her out of her comfort zone.  

When Kaley arrived as an immigrant in Australia she became self-conscious and noticed how she continued to socialize within the same groups of people and how that was not helping her or showing her children new experiences.  

Being a busy mom and a working professional she chose her lunch hour to connect with others and get out of her comfort zone!  During our discussion, Kaely shares her most memorable lunch and how her lunches gave her a new perspective on life and how to reflect on who she is, and how she wants to create future connections. 

At one point Kaley decided to write her book and start her website 100lunches.com  where you can connect with others all over the world for lunch.  It’s a wonderful platform and I’ve gone on the register and reached out to coordinate some lunches myself!  The time change can be a challenge so you may not be experiencing lunch but it’s a wonderful way to connect with others around the world!  I would encourage you to go and check out her website. 

I love Kaley’s courage and enthusiasm. For someone who was shy and was uncomfortable speaking in front of others, Kaley has managed to create quite a storm! She is now doing public speaking and helping others get out of their comfort zone and experience life to its fullest!  

Kaley reminds us that you never know when that next life-changing connection is going to be made!  As a coach who helps women in midlife enter into their next chapter, we are always talking about being curious and open to new possibilities.  To experience something different you do need to get out of your comfort zone and stretch yourself to try something different.  

Do you need to get out of your comfort zone and what would you like to try that‘s different that would help you grow and expand into who you want to become?  

I hope this conversation encourages you to take that step into your next chapter!  



Sarah Snyder is a writer, storyteller and conservationist whose passion is helping others connect spiritually to the outdoors, nature and science. She has been writing professionally since 1991 and her work has appeared in multiple publications. Sarah is the author of three nonfiction books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Her latest book, The Value of Your Soul: Rumi Verse for Life’s Annoying Moments, debuted September 2020, and  is a spinoff of her memoir, Plant Trees, Carry Sheep: A Woman’s Spiritual Journey Among the Sufis of Scotland. Sarah lives in Virginia, where she participates in oral storytelling and writes about self-care and self-renewal through retreats on her blog, Luna River Voices.

My conversation began with Sarah sharing how she has combined her lifelong passion for writing with her love for nature!  In the early nineties Sarah went back to get a master’s degree. She currently holds a  degree in biology, and a master’s degree in journalism with an environmental emphasis. 

Sarah nurtures her creative writing life by  blogging and  has published some books from  her personal experiences.  For Sarah it’s about giving back in this season of life.  Sarah’s day job provides her the freedom to develop her writing life and her goal is to be an inspiration to others!  I personally follow her blog through Facebook and love her writing and how she shares with her community! 

We had a nice conversation about the “little me”  being ego driven and the “bigger me”  being spirit driven.   She is a shining example that you can pursue your career while having a career!  

Sarah discussed her memoir and her move to Scotland where she stayed for two  years!  From the moment she arrived her plans had changed and she shares how that she needed to change her expectations.  She could have turned around and come home but stayed and had an amazing experience! 

Throughout the book, she shares the lessons learned and how she chooses to respond vs. react to situations. She also asks  herself, is this a mistake or a learning opportunity?  

Sarah also shares that surrendering isn’t about giving up or giving in, it’s about opening up to the opportunity!  She doesn’t show signs of slowing down and has another book coming out in 2021:  DIY Solo  Retreats:  A Handbook to Creating your Space and Setting your Intention, and  Getting the Self Care You Deserve!  

What I love about Sarah is her willingness to try new things and her curiosity!  It seems that this willingness started early in life and she hasn’t stopped exploring.  She also doesn’t feel that you have to give up your passion while having a successful career!  Sarah manages to prioritize her days so she can do both!  How are you cultivating your passion in life and  are you finding the time during your day to nurture your true self?  

I hope you’ll be inspired by my conversation with Sarah and you think about how you can nurture your passions as a hobby or career!  



Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting over Zoom to speak with  Rachel Greene about her journey finding Pilates! She was sitting in Bali with an amazing backdrop of  open blue skies and a beautiful beach while I was in Seattle experiencing a  dreary rainy morning! I was imagining her life in that beautiful scene as she shared her afternoon plans for getting out in the sunshine! 

 In our conversation, Rachel shares how she found Pilates as a result of having issues with her ballet practice and finding that it was scoliosis and needing  a different form of exercise due to consistent back pain.  It’s now her passion to share with others how they can treat imbalances in the body which contribute to back, neck and hip pain. Rachel  has been teaching Pilates  for over twenty years. 

Rachel’s journey began in North Carolina  but was offered a job within a studio in Bali and jumped at the opportunity!  She shares what that transition looked like for her and how she developed a relationship with her host family and ultimately stayed in Bali to teach.  She has now been teaching in Bali for twelve years and expanded her teaching to online so she can reach more people and impact more lives. Her online practice, Just Breathe is an active lifestyle brand offering Pilates programming, luxe fitness accessories and healthy inspiration! 

Rachel begins by working her client’s through safe sequences so they can let their mind relax and let go of the pain that can be deep down in the nervous system.  Her overall mission is to help the client move safely and enjoy their practice!

During our conversation Rachel leaves us with a challenge and encourages each of us to find a movement that we enjoy and embrace it! 

As a woman in midlife who’s struggled with a back issue I appreciate Rachel’s approach in making sure her clients  get the proper technique and training either in person or online.  I find that when I’m moving consistently, there are less issues with my back.  

Have you tried Pilates? Either on a mat or reformer?  I’d love to hear your experiences and if you’ve adopted it for your part of your movement practice!