A Podcast to inspire and motivate women in midlife! Let's Calm the Chaos in our lives so we can go after our purpose and passion!

The Calm the Chaos Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring guests who help to inspire and motivate women in midlife towards their goals and dreams! They share their messages and provide the listener with resources and content to take that next step. 

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It was a total pleasure to speak with Deborah. She’s a wonderful and well-informed interviewer who drew out the ideas from my book through her insightful questions that would most help women in mid-life. The resulting interview was informative and fun.

Tania Vasallo


Tania Vasallo is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy, a global community of high-achieving women entrepreneurs working to become financially empowered and independent. She also hosts Increase Your Income and Impact, her signature live event to help women expand their businesses and mindsets.

Born to a Spanish father and an American mother and raised in Spain, Tania was constantly in search of freedom from a patriarchal society. She now specializes in transforming a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance and prosperity so that her clients discover their own autonomy in their personal and financial choices. With her guidance, her last Money Magic Miracles cohort of 28 women made over one million dollars collectively in just eight weeks.

Tania lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with her husband, daughter, and multiple pets.

Tania shares her journey with money and how learning from her mistakes, she helps to empower women and work through their money mindset! 

What you will learn 

Take the first step in tackling  your money mindset

Why it’s important to get curious about how you handle money and how things happen

What are our thoughts about money and how to shift the paradigm 

What are your money “blocks”

How to advocate your power with money

Examine your beliefs surrounding money

Steps to learning more about your money!

Common mistakes that women make with money!

What is a wealth account and how can it provide you freedom with money

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Parenting Aging Parents with Kim and Mike Barnes


Over the past five years, Mike and Kim Barnes found themselves navigating problems they never saw coming from their parents: Alzheimer’s, pacemakers, COVID pneumonia, and the tough decision to move parents into retirement communities.

They’ve learned to balance the many facets of parenting aging parents, including medical, financial, and everyday-life decisions, emotional rollercoasters, protecting their parents from scams, and more, all while parenting their college-age kids, and building their careers.

Mike & Kim each spent 30 years on TV. Kim’s TV career includes 15 years as an award-winning reporter and news anchor and Mike’s includes 29 years as an award-winning sportscaster.

They’ve realized that so many adult children go through the same trials with their parents, yet hardly anyone talks about it. Most struggle in silence. That’s why they created a community to provide information, resources, and support.

We are all aging gracefully including our parents! Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game and start having conversations with our parents and children about not only the legal aspects of our estate but all the other pieces of our lives that we need to know in order to transition to being an advocate for our parents!  

This information doesn’t need to be a mystery!  If everything is summarized in one spot then it will make the journey smoother for everyone!  

Mike and Kim have created a community,  Parenting Aging Parents where you can access information, resources, and a Facebook community so you are never alone. 

Here is what we explore in this episode!  

  • Mike and Kim share their journey as they navigate these waters with their parents!  You don’t know what you don’t know!  
  • How to balance Kids, careers, and aging parents
  • Navigating these waters with their parents has ensured that they have their “ducks in a row”  for their children.  We can be better prepared for our children!
  • What are those practical questions everyone 40+ needs to ask their aging parents?
  • Make sure you are on the same page with your siblings about expectations for your parents’ well-being.  This can solve a lot of miscommunication and hurt feelings going down the road.  
  • Besides the financial aspects do you know the passwords for the computer and bill-paying sites?  If you had to step in on a moment’s notice, would you be able to pay their bills for them?
  • How to protect your parents from internet scams! 
  • How to communicate to your parents how you are trying to help and give them a gift in helping.  
  • How Mike and Kim are working towards making this community to the workplace.  As employees with aging parents, it’s important to be informed and be prepared so employees are not worried about “what if”. It makes for a more productive employee!  Can you introduce Mike and Kim to your organization?  

Where is the best place to go if you are wanting more information on helping your parents?  Go to their website:  https://parentingagingparents.com/   from there you can access the interviews, resources, and their handbook:  The Caregiver’s Key  

This information will help you to deal with the crisis at hand with your loved one and you won’t be needing to scramble with all the other details of their lives as you’ll have their booklet. 


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Deb Johnstone


Deb Johnstone is a professional speaker, writer, transformational coach, stylist, midlife transition mentor, and yoga teacher. She is the founder of  Women Reinventing MidLife and Transformational Pathways Australia.

Deb is the creator of her signature program HER Rediscovery and the Women Reinventing MidLife Club. She’s the host of the YouTube channel, WRM TV, and host of the WRM Summit Series where she supports women in the middle phase and beyond to rediscover themselves, build confidence and find new exciting directions.

Deb shares the following 

  • Her journey and how she hit a turning point in her life with the loss of her father.  For Deb, she lost her foundation, sense of identity, confidence, and motivation. Working through the grief process she experienced some “aha moments”  and shares those with the listeners.   Deb then shares her exploration process and how she rediscovered herself.  It was then that she created her Facebook community and then the summits were born! 
  • As women in midlife, we have wisdom we have gained over the years. How do we utilize that wisdom to grow and possibly help others!  
  • What was Deb’s biggest lesson from the loss of her father and how that has impacted her life?
  • As we nurture others do we run the risk of losing ourselves?  
  • What is Women Reinventing Midlife?  It’s Deb’s group platform where she helps women rediscover who they are now and enable them to gain clarity of direction.  
  • Deb shares details about the Women Reinventing Midlife Summit and how you can sign up for this free event that starts on July 25th, 2022!  


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Emee Estacio


Emee is the Founder of The PAME Code. She is a chartered psychologist with over 20 years of experience in health, community, and positive psychology. Her passion is to help people embrace their true worth, so they can live happy and fulfilling lives. Throughout her academic, coaching, and research career, she has worked closely with individuals and communities to unlock their full potential using simple and easy-to-apply methods for limitless success in life. She is the #1 best-selling author of the “Psychology in Your Life” book series, including titles such as “The Imposter Syndrome Remedy”, “Change Your Life for Good”, and “Fear is Not My Enemy”. She is also now helping aspiring authors fulfill their lifelong ambition to write and publish their own books with her flagship course, “Self-Publishing Made Simple”.

Emee shares with us the following

  • How she made a major career pivot after the arrival of her son!  How that decision was in alignment with what she wanted to prioritize for not only herself but her child.  Great words of wisdom for anyone at a crossroads in life!  
  • How she started to question her identity and went into a crisis where she was in a cyclone of feeling down, lethargic, and stuck in a cyclone of imposter syndrome and her own identity crisis.
  •   Emme shares how with the support of people around her she was able to get the help she needed and shares how you can too!  
  • How one friend reached out during this period of time threw her a lifeline and helped to get Emme the appropriate help.  
  • It’s OK to accept help when you need it!  
  • How important it is to make a conscious decision and set the intention that you are going to take the steps to move forward.  
  • It’s not only important for ourselves but to be a role model to our children that it’s ok to stop and take time for self-care
  • It is normal to experience self-doubt when you are trying something new!  

Emee’s Tips for Dealing with Imposter Syndrome!  

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Is that true? 
  • Is it logical? 
  • Is it constructive?

Do you have any evidence to support what you are thinking about yourself?  

Emee gives a lot of great examples with some specific thoughts one may have while experiencing imposter syndrome! 

Emee shares her business,  Self Publishing Made Simple!  She combines her expertise in psychology and self-publishing to help entrepreneurs to write and self-publish their stories!  She has created a community for coaching, community, and support.  

The doors will be opening in the first part of July for her group program and you can connect with Emee in the show notes below! 



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Picture of Linda Ward


Linda Ward is a Writer and Life Coach living in Minnesota. She specializes in helping mature women find everyday happiness and satisfying life. She zeroes in on life after divorce, retirement transitions, and finding courage no matter what the circumstances. Her inspiring new eBook is called, “Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier. ” Linda’s Professional background is Social Work and Counseling.

Linda shares how she came to write her book: Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier and shares some of her favorites during our discussion!  Steps you can implement right now! No purchase necessary ( wink, wink)  

During our conversation, Linda shared that it was through her own life circumstances that she found her inner courage. A difficult time where she had to dig deep to find and even surprised herself with how much courage she had in those times and still holds on to today!  Now Linda is passionate about helping others to find their inner courage! 

Here is what else you will learn from our discussion

  • We can often make finding happiness too complicated. It’s really simple!  There are simple things you can do each day to lift your mood.
  • Parenting adult kids can be agony and the first step is to let go and how you can transition into parenting adult children! 
  • Courage is needed in everyday life!  
  • Linda shares how she found her inner courage and how you can too!  

Throughout Linda’s experiences she has learned that even if life feels out of control, you can have the inner peace and courage to deal with it!  



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Linda’s Book:  Crazy Simple Steps to Feeling Happier  

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Jean Atman is a Consciousness Coach and Quantum Healer. Her greatest joy is to spark awakening and facilitate deep level healing in the collective. She has been called to reach beyond her beloved practice and is on a mission to assist in the ascension process on a grander scale. 

Jean is passionate about sharing her wisdom, tips, and tools that have proven to be the most effective in influencing her journey as well as for her clients! 

What You will learn in our conversation! 

  • How to stop living on the basement floor and rise to a higher level of vibration!  You don’t need to sit and suffer!  Rise from the basement to the PENTHOUSE!  
  • The first step towards raising your vibration! 
  • Things in the universe are happening FOR us! 
  • Who are you surrounding yourself with each day? Are you surrounding yourself with others that can help you rise to the next floor?  
  • You are more powerful than you think!
  • What you are resisting is the exact thing you need to sit with right now!
  • 2022 is a powerful year for purging and letting go! How do we “uplevel”  and drop things off?  Letting go of old belief systems, pain, and hurt
  • How does our subconscious mind hold all the old belief systems?

Jean shares her group coaching program Limitless she will be launching on June 21st you are pop over to her website and check out!  



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