Our Quest to Age Gracefully


Priscilla Long is a Seattle Based writer, poet and longtime independent teacher of writing. She is the author of seven books to date and numerous publications in literary journals. She grew up on a dairy farm on the eastern shores of Maryland attending Moravian Seminary for Girls and Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio.  


She writes science, poetry, history and creative nonfiction, essays and fiction. Priscilla lives in the seattle area and serves as the founding and consulting editor of Historylink.org which is a free online encyclopedia for Washington State History 


Today we are discussing her book:  Dancing with The Muse in Old Age.  

What you’ll learn in our conversation 

  • Priscilla wrote this book not only for herself but for everyone over the age of forty! Shy of turning 80, she wanted to approach this new era proactively with information and the knowledge of science.  Priscilla wanted to draw from people who were thriving, creating, and connecting in their communities.
  • In writing this book, Priscilla learned a lot about the science of aging gracefully which involved cognitive development v ( which works the same in children as in older individuals ) and movement. As a result, she now bonds with her fit bit and makes sure to get regular exercise.  
  • Throughout the book, there are many people sited who are in the 70,80, 90’s who are continuing to put to use their creativity and/or learning something new in the arts!  Helping with cognitive creative development.  Priscilla gives us several inspiring examples from the book of some famous and not so famous people who are active, learning and being creative! 
  • You can also express  your creativity in different ways by garding, cooking, social justice, and community involvement.  
  • The models that Priscilla shares in the book are inspiring and following their dreams right up to the end of their life.  Even when they run into limitations they continue to find a way to contribute in the best way possible.
  • We discussed Angela Glendening who didn’t feel that she had any “creativity” in her body but knew she was good at supporting the underdog. She picked a mission to support and that became her passion and purpose.  A great story!  
  • When you do choose what to do, there will be a community around it and you will make connections and start meeting like-minded people.  This will help your overall health and wisdom. 
  • Is it possible to be more proactive in composing one’s life towards flourishing?


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