Episode 60: Rachel Greene, Just Breathe Pilates


Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting over Zoom to speak with  Rachel Greene about her journey finding Pilates! She was sitting in Bali with an amazing backdrop of  open blue skies and a beautiful beach while I was in Seattle experiencing a  dreary rainy morning! I was imagining her life in that beautiful scene as she shared her afternoon plans for getting out in the sunshine! 

 In our conversation, Rachel shares how she found Pilates as a result of having issues with her ballet practice and finding that it was scoliosis and needing  a different form of exercise due to consistent back pain.  It’s now her passion to share with others how they can treat imbalances in the body which contribute to back, neck and hip pain. Rachel  has been teaching Pilates  for over twenty years. 

Rachel’s journey began in North Carolina  but was offered a job within a studio in Bali and jumped at the opportunity!  She shares what that transition looked like for her and how she developed a relationship with her host family and ultimately stayed in Bali to teach.  She has now been teaching in Bali for twelve years and expanded her teaching to online so she can reach more people and impact more lives. Her online practice, Just Breathe is an active lifestyle brand offering Pilates programming, luxe fitness accessories and healthy inspiration! 

Rachel begins by working her client’s through safe sequences so they can let their mind relax and let go of the pain that can be deep down in the nervous system.  Her overall mission is to help the client move safely and enjoy their practice!

During our conversation Rachel leaves us with a challenge and encourages each of us to find a movement that we enjoy and embrace it! 

As a woman in midlife who’s struggled with a back issue I appreciate Rachel’s approach in making sure her clients  get the proper technique and training either in person or online.  I find that when I’m moving consistently, there are less issues with my back.  

Have you tried Pilates? Either on a mat or reformer?  I’d love to hear your experiences and if you’ve adopted it for your part of your movement practice!