Episode 10: Rebecca West - Interior Designer and Author of Happy Starts at Home


Rebecca West has been on a mission to help folks get happy at home ( and in real life )  She uses design psychology to help people create homes that help them achieve their goals,giving them permission to create spaces that ignore the “rules” and simply make them happy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How your home can either support or sabotage your life
  • We need to look beyond the latest trends in magazines and focus on what makes us feel happier in our home
  • How your home can support your values
  • Things to consider when setting up your home office
  • What are the priorities of your home?
  • How to honor the past and embrace the future!
  • How an empty nester may use this book as a reference
  • What’s next on the horizon for Rebecca


  • Rebecca West, Seriously Happy at Home  Website
  • Take the quiz, How Happy is your home?  Quiz
  • Link for the book thru Amazon.


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