Episode 48: RevelEleven, A Community of Inspiration, information and friendships


RevelEleven is a unique blend of inspiration and information, community and conversation, friendship and focus. RevelEleven events are an opportunity to listen to outstanding women speakers and support and challenge each other to be the best we can be. They also host retreats in Seattle, Roslyn and across the globe.

Since March, Joanie + Monica have hosted more than 70 virtual events, pivoting from in person events due to the pandemic. Drawing women from all over the world, topics have included everything from The Art of Breathing and Finding Self Worth to Gardens that nurture and yoga classes

What You’ll Learn:

  • How did Joanie and Monica create the group RevelEleven
  • What do their guests and members bring to their in person and virtual community
  • What type of speakers have they had in the past 
  • Discussion about their destination retreats and the benefits
  • What’s next on the horizon for RevelEleven
  • How do they both Calm the Chaos in their lives!


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