If you don’t prioritize your wellness now then you’ll be forced to prioritize your illness later!


There are so many reasons to listen to this podcast episode!  Samantha reminds us in her interview that if you don’t prioritize your wellness now then you’ll be forced to prioritize your illness later!

Samantha Coffin is a wellness + mindset coach focused on helping women go from a life full of symptoms to a life full of living. As a child, Samantha personally struggled with health + wellness. She doesn’t have many memories where she wasn’t sick. Yet the various doctors she saw had few answers and many told her that her experiences were “normal”. After FINALLY being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, Lyme Disease, and Endometriosis she decided to take her health into her own hands. She got her master’s in Gender + Women Studies + became a certified health coach!

When Samantha finally received her diagnosis, it was a sense of relief and dread at the same time. You  have an answer but if you know anything about lyme, endo or celiac, you have it for life as it is a chronic illness. We begin to discuss her wellness journey in working with her doctors and how she needed to find her own path because Western medicine didn’t have a solution.  Samantha had to trust her own intuition and began to assemble her own wellness team. She goes on to share some of the protocols that she found to help her with these inflammatory conditions. Samantha also talks about her diet and the foods she has eliminated which have helped her overall wellness.She doesn’t think of this as deprivation of foods.   Samantha instead chooses not to experience those symptoms any longer.  What a great way of thinking turning your thinking of deprivation to self-care! 

It was on this journey that Samantha realized that this is what she is supposed to be doing and started getting her certifications! She started supporting friends and family and then took on clients.  

In 2019, Samantha walked away from a job that was pulling her apart and didn’t resonate with her anymore so she began to explore her next chapter! She then started working with a functional practitioner in her office and received her certification as a health coach. It was then that she knew that this was where she was meant to be! Even though she may have moments of self doubts she remembers her own journey and reminds herself that she is doing this because “no one should have to struggle for over 20 years!”.  

We then go on to discuss how her living in alignment with her passion and purpose has changed her life!  She provides us some beautiful insight on what that looks like for her every day!  Don’t we all deserve this same beauty?  We also talk about what it’s like to dive feet first into your passion full time. Samantha shares some things that have

 helped her on this journey of going all in full-time in her new career.  

Samantha then goes on to share some stories about the healing journey of some of her clients.  Which was very inspiring! 

We go on to discuss Samantha’s blog and how she aspires to have a cookbook someday and has a lot of fun recipes on her site for her community!  She started to create these recipes out of necessity because she didn’t want to eat the “fake stuff”.  One of her first was Vegan Mac and Cheese Samantha then goes on to share that the Maple Tahini Cookies are very popular on her site 

Samantha goes on to remind us that if you don’t prioritize your wellness now then you’ll be forced to prioritize your illness later!


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