Episode 61: Sarah Snyder, Author


Sarah Snyder is a writer, storyteller and conservationist whose passion is helping others connect spiritually to the outdoors, nature and science. She has been writing professionally since 1991 and her work has appeared in multiple publications. Sarah is the author of three nonfiction books and numerous newspaper and magazine articles. Her latest book, The Value of Your Soul: Rumi Verse for Life’s Annoying Moments, debuted September 2020, and  is a spinoff of her memoir, Plant Trees, Carry Sheep: A Woman’s Spiritual Journey Among the Sufis of Scotland. Sarah lives in Virginia, where she participates in oral storytelling and writes about self-care and self-renewal through retreats on her blog, Luna River Voices.

My conversation began with Sarah sharing how she has combined her lifelong passion for writing with her love for nature!  In the early nineties Sarah went back to get a master’s degree. She currently holds a  degree in biology, and a master’s degree in journalism with an environmental emphasis. 

Sarah nurtures her creative writing life by  blogging and  has published some books from  her personal experiences.  For Sarah it’s about giving back in this season of life.  Sarah’s day job provides her the freedom to develop her writing life and her goal is to be an inspiration to others!  I personally follow her blog through Facebook and love her writing and how she shares with her community! 

We had a nice conversation about the “little me”  being ego driven and the “bigger me”  being spirit driven.   She is a shining example that you can pursue your career while having a career!  

Sarah discussed her memoir and her move to Scotland where she stayed for two  years!  From the moment she arrived her plans had changed and she shares how that she needed to change her expectations.  She could have turned around and come home but stayed and had an amazing experience! 

Throughout the book, she shares the lessons learned and how she chooses to respond vs. react to situations. She also asks  herself, is this a mistake or a learning opportunity?  

Sarah also shares that surrendering isn’t about giving up or giving in, it’s about opening up to the opportunity!  She doesn’t show signs of slowing down and has another book coming out in 2021:  DIY Solo  Retreats:  A Handbook to Creating your Space and Setting your Intention, and  Getting the Self Care You Deserve!  

What I love about Sarah is her willingness to try new things and her curiosity!  It seems that this willingness started early in life and she hasn’t stopped exploring.  She also doesn’t feel that you have to give up your passion while having a successful career!  Sarah manages to prioritize her days so she can do both!  How are you cultivating your passion in life and  are you finding the time during your day to nurture your true self?  

I hope you’ll be inspired by my conversation with Sarah and you think about how you can nurture your passions as a hobby or career!