Master Your Thoughts and Emotions

Sharon Valenti


Sharon Valenti’s thirst for knowledge led her to spend time in various places around the U.S., as well as a journey throughout India and the shores and villages of Indonesia.   Consistently pursuing her own awakening, she is motivated to help others do the “work” and seek a shift within themselves.  In this podcast, we are talking about mastering your thoughts and emotions!  

Sharon shares that in her past growing up she experienced a lot of physical, mental, emotional, and sexual abuse.  But through her work, she has acknowledged that each of these moments of trauma in her life served a purpose.  She feels it makes her more empathetic to others who have walked that same road.  Sharon considers herself a success story because she chooses not to stay in a victim mindset.   Now she can offer that same help to others.  

During our discussion, Sharon shares that what moved her forward to finding the peace and joy in her life was when she recognized that she was blaming everybody else for what was going on in herself and not taking responsibility.  She then learned how to question the stories that she was creating.  Each time she was triggered by someone she taught herself to “get still”  and find out what was the belief she had going on about herself that triggered those feelings. Sharon gives some great examples about how when we are younger some experiences can lead us to believe things are really not true about ourselves.  Sharon found that when she stopped arguing with reality, then the peacefulness in her life began to take root.  

Sharon goes on to share that there are three types of Business

  • My Business
  • Your Business
  • The Divine’s Business

When we are in our “own business”  then we are showing confidence in ourselves.  We ultimately raise our energy. In our conversation, Sharon gives some great examples on this scenario.  It’s up to us to train our minds and body to stay in our business.  

It’s important that we seek validation within ourselves and not look to other people to give us that reinforcement and raise our energy vibration.  

Sharon also shares how she stays in the present moment so she is aware of the true reality of the situation. She gives some great tips on how to train your mind to do that very thing!  We are told to stay in the present moment but we are never taught.  

We discuss staying in our own business and Sharon shares a great mantra:  How do I know it should have happened? Because it did.  When you embrace that you realize that the past has already happened and you don’t keep revisiting it in your mind.  It only causes pain to keep arguing with reality.  

Sharon encourages us all to show up and question what people say about us and if it’s true.  We don’t need to prove anything to anybody. Just simply being alive is enough.  How are you uplifting yourself with positive information and people? When you start to surround yourself with positivity in your life, the negative people will drop off.  

Remember to question those underlying beliefs.  Are they really true and whose beliefs are they anyway?  Be careful, you may be carrying around someone else’s belief.