Side Hustles for Women over Forty

A growing number of women over forty are considering side hustles in midlife!  A side hustle can be a business you create or where you step out and be employed by someone else.  For some, money may be a motivator. Perhaps you would like some extra money to save for a specific purchase, others may have a specific financial goal.  Others may look at the opportunity to start a side hustle to develop a new skill, meet people, or test-drive a business idea.  Whatever your motivation there is no better time than now to get curious and start exploring what is a  good fit for you! 

I will be sharing several ways you can develop a side hustle for yourself.  Most of my suggestions are fairly simple and require very little investment.   Before you begin the process takes some time to get clear on why you are motivated to begin this process. This will help you to pick the right choice.  

Let’s get started!

Teach a class in your community 

Perhaps you have a skill or hobby you enjoy and would be interested in teaching?  Contact your local community center or continuing education center in your area and ask how you would submit your proposal and the steps to being approved. Not only would you be sharing your knowledge and experience but you would be meeting more people in your community! 

Pet Sit or Dog Walking

Do you love animals?  This is your opportunity to hang out and care for one without the responsibility of owning one!  You love them and then leave. Just like grandchildren!  Pet Sitting or Dog Walking requires very little to start the process.  You can either post some flyers on the community bulletin board or join a site like Rover where you build a profile, post a picture, and list your experience. This is a great side hustle because you set your hours and accept the jobs when it’s convenient for your schedule and they deposit the money to your account.  

Rent out your home or bedrooms

Have you ever thought of renting out rooms in your home? I have been for the last eight years on  Airbnb.  That’s right!  I rent two rooms in my home and it’s been a wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world and make some additional income!  It may sound a bit overwhelming to think about getting started but I literally wrote the book on how to enjoy the Airbnb experience!  I even walk you through the tips and tricks on how to be a successful super host so you too can enjoy consistent bookings and great reviews which equates to cash in your bank account!  In my book, I share stories from my hosting experience, the lessons I’ve learned, and tips and tricks on how you can be successful too!  Many who have read the book have wished that they had this guide when they started their journey on the home-sharing platform.  

If you are interested in becoming a host or are just curious about what it’s like to become a host, I peel back the curtain in this Tell-All Guide.  Over the years I’ve paid for college tuition, a new roof, paint, and many vacations!  It’s been a blessing in my life.  

Teach English as a second language

Perhaps working from home is intriguing and you’d like to set your hours?  You can teach English as a second language!  You can align with multiple sites that are very organized and have great resources. Some sites have specific requirements and others do not require a degree. One site where I have gotten great feedback is Vipkid.


Maybe you have a passion for teaching in-person and are a math wizard or are fluent in a second language! Think of giving tutoring a try! Kids are available before and after school so it leaves your days flexible.  You set your hours and rates!  Here is a great article that will guide you on some tips for starting your own tutoring business.  

Notary Signing Agent

Perhaps you are someone who likes to get out on the road and meet new people?  Consider being a notary signing agent!  There is an application process for each state in obtaining this license in the USA.  

Ride Share Driver 

If you enjoy driving then perhaps a rideshare driver for Lyft or UBER is in your future!  You do set your hours and can meet people. You do need to adhere to their policies on vehicles and take an online exam for driving and have your car inspected in person.  

Make sure you also have a conversation with your insurance carrier as you will be driving for your job.  

Sell Stuff

Do you have a basement full of stuff that you don’t use or do you like to go on the hunt for treasures to re-sell online?  From furniture, antiques to clothing the sky is the limit! Now might be the time to declutter and downsize while making some extra money.  You are achieving two goals at the same time.  

Which side hustle resonates with you to explore?  Perhaps you have created your side hustle and would love to share it with our community!  Please leave your ideas and experiences in the comments below!  

If you would like clarity on your next step after forty, I invite you to reach out to me via my website and book your free 30-minute exploratory call.  

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