Episode 65: Sonya Sophia. EFT Tapping for Midlife Women


This week I had the pleasure of interviewing  Sonya Sophia who is a revolutionary leader in the field of Emotional Freedom Techniques.  Sonya shares how to bring peace and joy into her life with EFT TAPPING.  She started down the journey of self-exploration to find a modality to help stop the “crazy in my head” Past traumas and being a new mom motivated her to find a solution so her child could have a different experience than her growing up. 


Each discovery brought her closer and gave her more consciousness and tools.  Even then she felt overwhelmed and withdrawn. Sonya was looking for a spiritual practice that would take a couple of hours a day. She wanted a modality where once the area is “cleaned” it’s “cleaned”.   


During her journey, her friend noticed how Sonya was beginning to be more withdrawn and came over to share an EFT Tapping session.  At the end of the session, she was laughing and smiling. After four more sessions, Sonya felt that she had healed her PTSD from her dating experience and her brain was functioning better.  


Sonya feels that her life is divided. Before EFT and after! For her, it was like opening a screen door.  She could see out the door but once she opened the screen door everything was bright and clear. After that, she never looked back!


Sonya then embarked on a path of learning everything she could about EFT Tapping through reading, forums, and classes.  She was able to contribute to the field as the practice was gaining momentum and people were learning more about the benefits of the practice through sharing and testimonials.   


We discuss that there is no right or wrong way to tap! The body is very flexible and forgiving.  There are reset buttons all over us and there is one command that clears:  self-acceptance and self-love.  What we are doing is accessing the reset buttons and lovingly talking to ourselves while acknowledging and accepting what’s not working.  


Even though EFT is non-denominational it feels like a spiritual practice because what you’re doing is pulling love into your body and bringing it to where there’s fear and self-loathing and pain.  That’s what corrects what’s been going on in our mind because the cells have stored that memory.  It’s not just stored in your brain but all over your body.


Sonya shares how this practice helps people who have experienced PTSD, and sexual abuse survivors and has recently been approved by the Veterans Administration in the last few years. 


There are ten key points to tap on your body and Sonya shares why those points are key and how they are “circuit breakers”  for that channel of an electrical impulse that runs through the body.  Sonya shares in the interview a great analogy for us to understand these points and their function.  


We share how to incorporate EFT tapping into your routine and how this practice is so portable you can do it from anywhere!  


Sonya also shares how her tapping circle which is available on her website is helping people and how everyone coming together to work on their individual needs is helping her community. Sonya refers to each session as emotional hygiene which makes perfect sense and her goal is the healing of humanity.  


She shares that her life is her art project ….  And she wants everyone to remember and embrace that thought.  


Sonya walks us through a tapping session and you’ll be able to see for yourself just how different you feel about your circumstance before and after the session. She is also making the tapping circle free for one month to all of the Calm the Chaos listeners!  www.worldtappingcircle.com/freemonth  


Sonya has just launched her podcast  There’s a tap for that.  Link here 


As a busy woman in midlife, I can see how incorporating tapping daily can help your overall emotional health.  Why not try to incorporate tapping into one of your morning or afternoon routines and see for yourself?  For myself, I am going to start working on doing some daily tapping after my journaling.  It will be fun to see how I begin to clean up the circuits in my body!   I would encourage you to share with the community if you found this episode helpful by leaving a review for the show!  



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