Taking Time To Celebrate!


Welcome back to Calm the Chaos! You are listening to Episode 106 and today my guest is ME!  Yes, that’s right today I’ll be doing all the talking!  And….  it’s a big day as today marks the 2nd year anniversary of producing the podcast Calm the Chaos!  

I decided to do this episode solo because for most of you listening you may just see me as a podcast interviewer of other subject matter experts! But.. I am first and foremost a coach for women over forty and I guide them on a journey to transform their lives! 

What does that mean exactly?  

Many women first reach out to me when they need some career guidance.  Maybe they are wanting a job change or re-entering the job market after having been absent for some time while raising a family.   When we get into working on this area a lot comes up for clients surrounding mindset and how they feel about themselves.  I challenge them on how they are thinking about themselves and some of the beliefs that are holding them back from moving forward in all areas of their lives!  

Today, I wanted to talk to you about celebrating!  How are you celebrating YOU?  If you are listening to this podcast, I am assuming that you are a woman over 40!  

When you take a look back at your past self over the years, what have you done where you can now say Thank you! What moments would you like to thank that person that sculpted you into who you are today?

 Perhaps it’s thanking your past self for taking that certification, entering a partnership with someone you love, helping someone else with their challenges, getting that diploma, raising children, trips you went on, the courage to get out of your comfort zone and join an organization,  the opportunity to care for my parents,  putting up with that annoying boss so you could finally get the position of your dreams!  What do you want to say to your former self?

Today I would like for you to write a letter to your past self and say thank you!  What will you say to yourself?  It doesn’t need to be a long letter. Take a couple of minutes to write down your first thoughts. We call this a brain download. There is no right or wrong way to write this letter! Pour your favorite beverage, get cozy in your chair and have some fun with this exercise!

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship you have. How you treat and talk to yourself, and think about yourself is key to having a healthy relationship mentally, emotionally, and physically.  

If we only focus on everything and everyone but ourselves, we drain the cup which leaves us little to pour to the rest of the world.  Is that really fair to you and everyone else?

I want you to be gracious with your past self in how you are doing today.  Don’t beat yourself up for the past or the realization that things haven’t worked out the way you hoped back then. Take the opportunity now to be present and start building a better relationship with yourself.

One way to cultivate a better relationship with ourselves is through acknowledging the gifts and moments in our past.  

For me, I am thankful that I had the opportunity to raise two beautiful children.  And, that I am staying focused on serving my clients and grateful for all those who are helping me!  

Now.. let’s turn our attention to the Celebration!  I want you to take a look at the letter you wrote to yourself!  

What are you most proud of?  Was there a moment where your energy flowed and you said to yourself “job well done”.  Perhaps it was how you made an impact or how you handled a challenging season.  

Now I want you to stop and go to a special place for you. It could be in your home or outside at a park.  I call it your “happy place”. Take the opportunity to step out of your routine for just a few minutes. This is time for you to disengage from your routine!  

Now we are going to commemorate the moment!  Make a toast, say a prayer, treat yourself to a favorite beverage, light a candle or have that slice of cake!  

In life, we need to have a moment where we fill up the gas tank! By taking a moment to acknowledge a moment or moments that were significant and special to us, it breeds positive energy and motivation to continue.  We then will feel more self-confident in tackling new goals and areas of our lives when we feel unsure. 

Many women I work with have a hard time with this exercise because we often don’t take the time to stop, look back and pat ourselves on the back.  Until we sit down and write that letter we may hold onto that sticking thinking that we haven’t  “done much”.  And that’s nonsense!  We are all unique with many experiences that shape us into who we are today! It’s time to recognize those moments, acknowledge and celebrate!  

I hope this episode today will help you to get a perspective on your past self and all the many circumstances that have shaped you into who you are today!  I would love to hear what resonated for you and how you took a moment to celebrate! 

Today, I will be lighting a candle and remembering all the weekend mornings where I was in my office either interviewing, editing this podcast, putting the show notes together, or updating the website!  It’s a journey that requires a lot of discipline but in the end, has been worth it! I have been meeting wonderful people from all over the world who are helping my listeners to calm the chaos!  

I continue to do this podcast because I truly believe that if we can calm the chaos in our lives then we are better able to hear our inner desires! I am going to celebrate and thank you all for being here each week to learn and grow!  

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