Client Testimonials

Deborah Voll's life coaching services exceeded all my expectations. She used a mixture of careful listening, on-point exercises and assignments that reflected my needs and interests, and warm encouragement that kept my determination from faltering. I learned life habits and tricks that will be beneficial for years to come. More importantly, she helped mold in me an attitude towards getting things done that will undo some of the hobbles I had erected. I loved how she shared techniques that she had found helpful in her own life--to me, that reflects an advisor who is open, honest and actually sharing with you the best methods she has found. Her notes that she emailed me without fail after every session, detailing what we accomplished and discussed, helped immensely to cement the lessons of the week. The weekly homework assignments were challenging yet manageable and relevant. The platform that she uses provided more reinforcement of weekly progress, with prompts for both pre- and post-session assessments of goals and accomplishments. I have sought therapy extensively in the past, and this was 1000x better than therapy. Unlike my typical therapy experience, I came away with practical solutions to my problems, new ways of doing things, and a better outlook. There were many little extras, too--the mailed gratitude journal, Deborah's podcast where I could get even more tips from her interviewed experts, and the fact there was no watching of the clock if a session ran 5 or 10 minutes over. I started life coaching with a definite feeling of lack around career, and I came away with a good plan to embark on training for a career of interest to me. I also came away with a new way of looking at life's journey as a meandering trail, instead of a harsh landscape of dead ends and failures. I'd recommend Deborah's life coaching to anyone.

Deborah's life coaching was a tremendous boost for me! I was wanting to change careers and her guidance helped me to see what I needed to do in order to bring about a career change. She gave me clear cut ideas and actions I needed to take for success. She taught me to think outside the box and to see things in a positive light. Her wonderful ideas, expertise, and support during the coaching sessions were invaluable to me! I highly recommend signing up with Deborah for her life coaching. Thank you very much, Deborah!

Deborah created a safe space to explore my deepest desires & was able to help me clarify & break down somewhat daunting goals & make it seem doable. Deborah’s gentle yet focused approach kept me feeling encouraged and motivated. Thank you, with your help I’ve committed to my goals & enjoy meeting them!!

Deborah is an insightful, intuitive coach that listens and empowers. Our time together quickly resulted in an affirming vision statement in both written and audio formats to keep and be able to revisit. The vision captured, inspires and supports my goals and has already resulted in impactful movement forward.

What can I say about Calm the Chaos Coaching? Life changing is the first thing that comes to mind. Deborah is amazing. Before I was blessed with meeting her I was stuck in a very depressed state. I had a million goals and would start working towards them... and then quit within a week. I was so overwhelmed by life that I just didn't have a clear path of where to begin. Then this beautiful soul was put on my path and everything changed. After our first session that overwhelmed feeling lifted. I had someone in my corner gently guiding the way for me. Her coaching felt like going home after being lost for so long. She is genuine in her wanting to help, gives the most amazing tips, is wonderful at finding resources to share, and has put together the most personal meditations for me to listen to. Her check in calls keep me accountable but if I have a bad week I don't ever end the call beating myself up. She is always reminding me to be kind to myself and of my WHY. For the first time in, I can't tell you how long, I am meeting my goals and smashing them. It's all thanks to Deborah and Calm the Chaos Coaching. She has a true gift to share with the world and I encourage everyone to give her a shot because she will help teach you how to get where you want to be!

Deborah is a really patient and open-minded life coach. In addition to having conversations around work and life, she practices guided meditation with her clients with an incredibly soothing voice. Really wonderful and amazing lady!

Thank you, Deborah, for helping me Calm the Chaos in my own life and regain my health. Just after a surprising doctor visit, I learned that if I wanted to live my life more fully, I was going to need to focus my energy and my time on improving my own self-care. Being too busy to plan was only one part of my challenge- it was clear that just doing more of the same was NOT the answer. With Deborah's coaching through focused questions and time to reflect, she helped me clarify my vision for health and an honest plan to achieve my goals. My 6-month check -in with the doctor shows the investment of time with Deborah was a wise choice. My test results are now moving in the right direction and I'm more committed than ever to hit my goals by June! I know that the change will not happen overnight, but I am heading in the right direction. Thank you for coaching me to find success.