Discover how to create the life you want after 40!

Gain the confidence you need to prioritize yourself (without the guilt) so you can pursue your purpose & passion later in life.

Does this sound familiar?

Your children are grown and you're finding out in this season of life that you have more time to devote to yourself?

You still feel a sense of guilt and overwhelm about taking the time to prioritize your own goals?

You have always put everyone and everything else before yourself and it’s hard to shift to focusing on you now?

You feel like you've lost your identity but you know you want to create a future that looks rewarding and fulfilling?

You're worried that your family still needs you, where you'll find the time to develop a new passion or that you're too old to start something new?

You know you have the potential in yourself but need some clarity to move forward & take those first steps?

if you don't take the time to focus on yourself
you'll look back and realize that you've neglected The Most beautiful years of your life
where you could have created more meaning & more joy...

Those days are going to happen regardless! Why not create your own possibilities?

This is why I created

The Next Chapter

Coaching Program

 An 8-week coaching program where we commit to creating space for your sense of self to emerge.

We’ll ask the right questions that lead to your own clarity and we’ll uncover those desires that lead you to rediscover yourself after 40.

Once you have the clarity and find that new sense of being, you’ll wake up each morning energized and feel that your life is rebalanced! You’ll feel more comfortable in who YOU are and where you are going.

You’ll be equipped with the tools to be able to help you set and accomplish your goals with a customized roadmap designed together to help you create the next chapter you’ve been dreaming about.

Life changing is the first thing that comes to mind. Deborah is amazing. Before I was blessed with meeting her I was stuck in a very depressed state. I had a million goals and would start working towards them… and then quit within a week. I was so overwhelmed by life that I just didn’t have a clear path of where to begin. Then this beautiful soul was put on my path and everything changed. After our first session that overwhelmed feeling lifted. I had someone in my corner gently guiding the way for me. Her coaching felt like going home after being lost for so long. She is genuine in her wanting to help, gives the most amazing tips, is wonderful at finding resources to share, and has put together the most personal meditations for me to listen to. Her check in calls keep me accountable but if I have a bad week I don’t ever end the call beating myself up. She is always reminding me to be kind to myself and of my WHY. For the first time in, I can’t tell you how long, I am meeting my goals and smashing them. It’s all thanks to Deborah and Calm the Chaos Coaching. She has a true gift to share with the world and I encourage everyone to give her a shot because she will help teach you how to get where you want to be!

Here's what's included...

An introductory questionnaire to get us started right away

60-minute virtual Zoom coaching sessions each week

A follow-up email after each session outlining key takeaways

A blended learning system that’s focused on getting you results

Short audios with worksheets for independent work in-between sessions

A customized Next Chapter Workbook designed specifically for your unique roadmap

Packages Start at $1200 USD 

You need a coach who gets to know you on the deepest levels and who can help you gain clarity on what you really want and WHY.

I am a certified professional life coach and a mom of two adult grown children. I too struggled with finding my “next chapter” in midlife.  

I had to put myself first for the first time without the guilt and prioritize what was important for me. With the help of my own life coach, I found my own clarity on next steps and found that I too had a passion to serve people in helping them find that sense of discovery like I had during that process.

Ready to explore who YOU are and what’s important for you moving forward in your NEXT CHAPTER?

Thank you, Deborah, for helping me Calm the Chaos in my own life and regain my health. Just after a surprising doctor visit, I learned that if I wanted to live my life more fully, I was going to need to focus my energy and my time on improving my own self-care. Being too busy to plan was only one part of my challenge- it was clear that just doing more of the same was NOT the answer. With Deborah’s coaching through focused questions and time to reflect, she helped me clarify my vision for health and an honest plan to achieve my goals. My 6-month check -in with the doctor shows the investment of time with Deborah was a wise choice. My test results are now moving in the right direction and I’m more committed than ever to hit my goals by June! I know that the change will not happen overnight, but I am heading in the right direction. Thank you for coaching me to find success.