Angela is known on YouTube as The Parisienne Farmgirl where she lives with her husband and six children in Door County Wisconsin. When she is not homeschooling or renovating her 1780’s farm house you can find her sharing her love for cooking and curating a beautiful home on her YouTube and Instagram channel. Angela also manages her own doTerra essential oil business. She is a wealth of information and spends a great deal of her time educating and informing on the properties of essential oils. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Common misconception with essential oils.
  • Why doTerra and what makes it different from all the other oils.
  • The education of essential oils to calm the chaos and how they can be used in our protocol and in the home.
  • How does Angela calm the chaos in her own life
  • Angela’s challenge to the listeners
  • The Calm the Chaos Essential Oil package exclusively for our listeners!  USA Listeners use this link International Listeners use this link


Angela on YouTube

Angela on Instagram  

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