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Theresa Levine lives in Davidsonville, Maryland with her husband Jeff and their four boys. As an entrepreneur with a background in psychology, nutrition, and fitness, she has been helping women work on various aspects of their mental and physical health for over 25 years.

Her struggles with ADHD, trauma, and the chaos and overwhelm of being a mompreneur with big goals and responsibilities led her to learn how to cultivate the success, clarity, and inner peace that used to feel so elusive to her. Using a unique blend of Energy, Psychology, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Tapping, and Strategy, Theresa empowers other mompreneurs to overcome anxiety, distractions, and limiting patterns so they can feel happy, present, and fulfilled as they align their beliefs, actions, values and vision for the business and daily life!

In my conversation with Theresa, we start by discussing her journey and how she raised her boys and recognized through their lives that they had ADHD. It was then that she noticed some patterns and had herself tested and diagnosed.  So for her, it’s been a process of understanding and finding ways to manage their diagnosis.  Theresa looks at ADHD as a gift!  She feels that is where all of her creativity and curiosity come from throughout the day as her mind takes these little journeys.  What a great way to flip something that can seem overwhelming into something positive and empowering! 

Theresa shares how she discovered EFT and how she uses its principles to help with focus and shifting thoughts and energy within our mind and body! While working in her networking marketing business, she attended a seminar where they had someone come in for the day and teach EFT tapping, The day focused on teaching the basics and how to use it to relieve stress and anxiety.  It was that day that she realized that she could be using these techniques for so many more areas of her life and this modality could be the answer for her! It was then that Theresa knew that she had to explore it further and enrolled in getting certified as an EFT Practioner.  Attending that seminar with curiosity and an open mind was truly transformational!  How she felt after the seminar was amazing and didn’t need to understand how it worked but just knew it worked!  


During our discussion, Theresa walks us through how to do EFT Tapping by explaining that by tapping certain meridian points on our body we can release pain and negativity in the body.  She explains each tapping point on our body and how easy it can be and can be done almost anywhere! Even without people noticing which is amazing as we can do this in a public setting when we may feel anxious, nervous, or angry about a specific situation.  Theresa also shared how she used EFT tapping prior to getting on the podcast interview today to help her feel grounded, focused, and positive about how she would be showing up and contributing to the interview.  

Theresa shares that tapping for just ten minutes a day can lower your stress hormone cortisol by up to 43%!  Cortisol can have a tremendous impact on our mind and body so why not try something that can lower those levels?  

With tapping comes incorporating a mantra and we discuss how to decide what mantra you need to use in combination with your tapping.  Theresa advised starting with the problem you are experiencing.  

For Example:  Even though I feel anxious about ______________, I deeply love, accept, and forgive myself.  She repeats this mantra three times with a nice deep inhale through the nose and exhales through the mouth. It’s important to keep your mantra simple.  It’s also important to be specific because it helps to hunt down those blockages and specifically remove them. It’s important that we honor the feeling and accept ourselves! It’s also important to access at the beginning of your tapping how you feel on a scale of 1-10 and then how you feel after the tapping.  This will help you to gauge your success. 

We discuss that tapping can be used anywhere and for a lot of different reasons! Fear of flying, heights, spiders, venting to others about your day!  Just by tapping different points of the body, you can release the fear and negativity you are feeling and be able to move forward! 

Theresa feels that when setting goals and reaching forward it’s important to reach backward and learn from the lessons.   We need to honor where we’ve come from and how much we have already accomplished.  Sometimes we may experience goal trauma in setting goals which makes us fearful of trying again or setting too aggressive of a goal.  We walk through the seven Chakras in our body and how when we declare a goal, it moves from the of our head ( crown chakra )  to the root chakra and working that goal through all of the different chakra systems so you can internalize it.  Theresa starts with the root chakra because that’s where all of our feeling of unsafety are hiking and need to be released in order for us to move forward.  If we don’t have a safe place for each of these stages for the goal to manifest then it cannot become physical.  

Our lives can be busy and crazy at times and it’s important to have a good coping mechanism to deal with these circumstances and triggers.  It’s also important to deal with our feeling and work through them because if we don’t then we will end up creating more chaos for ourselves and could possibly make ourselves physically ill.   Perhaps now is a good time for you to discover EFT tapping?



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