Episode 74, Tony Loyd, Leadership Development Coach

Tony Loyd


Tony Loyd is a leadership development expert who helps people who are frozen and frustrated in their careers and aspires them to be purpose-driven leaders! Oftentimes, people may feel inspired but stuck. He helps people develop a bridge from an idea to innovation to impact!

Tony’s podcast, Social Entrepreneur is about interviewing people who are making a dollar and a difference. These are people  who are making money but the money is in service to that mission. Tony goes on to share some of these people who he has interviewed and how they are making a difference. Even though Tony interviews individuals worldwide, he provides two examples in his local community which are inspiring! 

To help people in this process of creating something bigger than themselves, he asks his clients the following questions 

What breaks your heart?

What inspires you?

Those answers are the clues for what you can do in the world!

The next question is 

What unique strengths and abilities do you bring to the table?

Tony goes on to share what he would say to the woman in midlife who feels that it’s too late for them to tackle anything that is inspirational or imaginative. Tony then goes on to share how by tackling the questions above and taking baby steps is your first step to making things happen.  Ask yourself, what is my one-month, ninety-day plan, and then one year plan. Last but not least, what are the daily habits that are going to get me there? Remember, if you take small actions every day then you can make a lot of progress! 

You have value in the world! Stand firm and tall! Burning out your candle doesn’t make anybody else’s candle burn any brighter. Tony then goes on to encourage all the listeners that if you have something to share that now is the time. We need you more than ever to shine your light and stand tall!

We then go on to discuss Tony’s book:  Crazy Good Advice, Ten Lessons Learned from 150 Leading Social Entrepreneurs.  He took what he learned from the 150 people interviewed and boiled it down to the ten pieces of advice that was given repeatedly.  During this process, he came up with one sentence  “miracles find you while you’re in motion”.  If you are sitting still, then these moments or miracles can not find you.  It’s when you go in to motion that you run into those little moments of serendipity.  So miracles find you while you are in motion. Don’t you love that?