Transform Your Life with a new Career

career Transformation


Today be prepared to be inspired! My conversation this week is with my client: Julia Schmidt who this year completed her eight-week coaching experience.  

Julia came to me needing some help in a career search but what she gained were a new career, increased self-confidence, and a completely new mindset! 

In our interview, she shares with the listeners 

  • Where she was at in the beginning of her career search and how that felt and the stories she told herself about her work/life experience and capabilities.  Her thoughts on what she felt she was qualified for in a search and how she was limiting herself and her full potential.


  • What the coaching process looked like for her and how she worked through the Passion and Purpose Workbook while working towards her career search. She shares how the combination of self-exploration with career coaching homework proved to be a valuable exercise for her journey.  This is not just a career coaching journey! You are stepping into the opportunity to learn more about yourself and how your thoughts and emotions drive your actions and create your results!


  • Why she picked a coach to work with and how this experience was different from other 1:1 experiences


  • How her mindset has shifted in her ability to take on new challenges


  • Where she is at right now in her new job and how she is showing up differently each day!


  • Her advice to any woman over forty who is on the fence about working with a coach


  • What the process looked like for her when reaching out for coaching and why she would recommend it to others. 

Julia is living her dream life and you can as well!  I believe that we are the author of our next chapter and that in less than eight weeks, you can transform your life!   

 If you are on the fence on your next steps and lack the confidence to move forward, I invite you to reach out to me for your free 60 minutes Clarity Session so you can discover what is holding you back from your dream career!  

This is an exciting process and you will be coached during this sixty-minute call and know in the end if you are ready to move forward!  You can apply for a Clarity Session through the link in the show notes!  



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