Episode 47: Victoria Lane, Finding Passion and Purpose, Casting for Recovery


Victoria Lane was born and raised in Syracuse, NY, where she is  currently employed by Syracuse University as a book designer at SU Press. Until she was about 35 or so, she spent every summer at my family’s summer home on Otisco Lake, where she developed a love of fishing and creating art work. Victoria  loves to fish and paint (mostly painting trout and other freshwater fish; go figure). She is  also a calligrapher and has done commissions for wedding invitations, certificates, poetry, etc. She finds it most enjoyable and rewarding. Right now Victoria is  looking forward to retirement in about 6 mos. when she  hopes to be able to do some travelling; both domestic and international. Of course that is all very much up in the air at this point. Victoria maintains a positive outlook and also looks forward to more volunteer work with Casting for Recovery.  She has a daughter and sister whom she  loves dearly and tries  to spend as much time with as possible. Victoria is looking forward to retirement as a new chapter in my life.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Victoria shares how she discovered her passions and turned them into her purpose! 
  • Her journey to calligraphy and how she maintains her side hustle creating beautiful works of art! 
  • Victoria’s journey to Casting for Recovery! 
  • How Victoria was thrown into the deep end and faced her fears of public speaking during a retreat
  • How you can contribute to Casting for Recovery! 
  • What Victoria has learned about herself through her volunteer work. 
  • How did Victoria set herself up for retirement
  • How does Victoria Calm the Chaos in her life!
  • Victoria’s challenge for the listeners


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