Episode 44: Wendy Zanders, Your Declutter Coach


Wendy Zanders is a Professional Home Organizer and Your Declutter Coach who is passionate about helping families Collect Memories and Experiences, NOT Things. An underperformer in grade school due to undiagnosed attention deficit disorder (ADD), Wendy worked hard and surpassed the expectations of everyone around her. Early in her career, she found that she had a knack for systems and organizing, but found herself living in a totally disorganized home after several episodes of depression. She helps overwhelmed families and special needs families get organized by helping them identify what has created the disorder in their lives, and by helping them create systems so they can get back in control of their possessions and homes. Wendy also works with families like herself that are struggling with ADD, depression, PTSD and anxiety. 


What You’ll Learn:

  • Wendy’s observation of her gifts in the military and how she translated those to her full time career!
  • How Wendy trusted herself to take the leap into a new career and leave the military behind.   
  • Why she wrote book:  From Brokenness to Strength
  • How Wendy serves her community through her Focus Time with Wendy
  • Wendy’s advice:  Don’t wait for the approval of others!  Do YOU!!  
  • What does success look like for you? 
  • How does Wendy Calm the Chaos in her life
  • What’s next for Wendy and her declutter coaching community!


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