Episode 15: What Is A Sound Bath With Carla Heins


Carla Heins is a multifaceted energetic practitioner of many modalities.  Having walked through the greatest grief she had ever experienced through the loss of her soul Dog Takota, she founded Sacred Waves Vibrational Healing where she empowers people to have the courage to integrate their own grief and loss while being fully supported, heard and validated.

What You’ll Learn:

  • What is Sound Bathing
  • How did Carla discover this modality for herself?
  • What type of benefits as she seen not only in herself but her clients
  • Discovering different types of sound bathing. 
  • How Carla calms the chaos in her life
  • What’s next on the horizon for Sacred Waves Vibrational Healing


  • Find Carla here on her Facebook page

  • Carla’s contact phone number: (425) 877-9140

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